Take care of your new skin

We strive to ensure that our products meet the expectations of the most demanding people

We offer you the highest quality products tested by the best experienced specialists in the industry

We put safety first, therefore we limit the presence of potential allergens in our products

Our products are based on specially selected ingredients that create unique recipes


Who are we?


We are a team of professionals with many years of experience in the development and marketing of dermocosmetic products. We quickly developed our own product portfolio and distribution channels, which allowed us to create a respected SkinProject brand in a difficult, specialized industry. We quickly developed our own product portfolio and distribution channels, which allowed us to create a respected SkinProjectbrand in a difficult, specialized industry.

Why SkinProject?

SkinProject products were created as a joint project of scientists and tattooists. Their goal was to create preparations that would combine the features of high functionality and increased care. We offer the highest quality products, created by the best, experienced specialists in the industry.


The company FcBiotech - Polish producer of dermocosmetics

We are a producer of dermocosmetics based on innovative and safe formulas. We specialize in the production of functional skin care cosmetics that provide the skin with an appropriate level of hygiene and an attractive appearance. Thanks to carefully selected active ingredients, our care preparations ensure an excellent level of hydration and perfect protection against the influence of aggressive external factors. We have created a unique brand of SkinProject cosmetics that are intended for the tattoo industry and permanent make-up.

SkinProject brand - quality and convenience of FcBiotech tattoo cosmetics

The decision to get tattooed is a bold step towards manifesting your fascinations and beliefs. Often, from this first step, a further journey begins, which with each subsequent tattoo allows us to discover to the outside world what we have so far cultivated in ourselves. This is how the artistic fascination with images on the skin develops. However, in order for this fascinating adventure to be safe, it is worth preparing for it properly. For the sake of quality and convenience of tattoo cosmetics, we have created the SkinProject brand.

The SkinProject team is a group of scientists who, in cooperation with tattoo specialists, have developed and implemented the highest quality tattoo care products on the market, which have already gained the recognition of many experienced tattoo artists. These products combine the features of high functionality and increased care. The high content of active ingredients provides incomparable protection. In addition to the unique formula, the products are easy to apply, thanks to which their use is very convenient and safe.

Daily care for pigmented skin

The SkinProject brand offers also perfectly match the need for safe and effective cosmetics for post-permanent makeup care. The skin after the procedure, which involves tissue disruption, requires special care. We offer certified cosmetics for the regeneration and protection of damaged skin, which support the healing process and do not cause allergies. The make-up regeneration serum emulsion, intended for the care and protection of pigmented skin, thanks to the form of disposable sachets, ensures the highest level of hygiene and safety during its use. We also offer gentle cleansing and disinfecting wound preparations that support skin regeneration and facilitate daily hygiene, even outside the home.

We invite you to cooperation

Are you a professional? Work on the best products and provide your customers with the highest level of care and teach them to take care of their new skin with products from SkinProject. Write to us if you are interested in cooperation.

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